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The All Seeing Dashboard Eyeball, wears a magic tasseled fez, he keeps your car safe on long journeys, he wiggles while you drive.

1 piece - €10.70
8g - €8.50

A crowd favourite, so electric and so super chunky, these are some big glitters.

7 grams - €9.50

The partiest of pinks, this colour screams we are are going to have a good time!

Sunday Morning Silver is for the bright sparks of the world, the ones with a smile on while the sun is coming up the ones with the freshest vibes.

The Sunday Morning Silver super chunky is a special magical glitter just for you, perfect for over the top dress ups or just over the top Sundays or any days.

7 g - €9.50

You're looking so Electric, girl.

I found the treasure and it's gold and sparkly, just like you.

An adorable Bird Beak Coat Hook, perfect for a kids room or any bird lovers entrance way.

1 piece - €7.30
1 piece - €13.50

A total contridiction of a cushion. A cactus that is soft and you want to put your head on, no really.

1 piece - €17.50

Go fish! With the Cats 3D Playing Cards you may not be able to concentrate, because the cats are so silly and adorable.

1 set - €9.70

This product is out of stock.

Follow the lead of these mice, use your coins for a beer run!

1 piece - €5.45

This product is out of stock.

Bitches get stuff done is a true fact and a cute coin purse for your favourite Wonder Woman friend.

1 piece - €5.45

Fit it all in your mouth, the whole slice you can do it. Then jam all your coins in here, ready for the next pizza marathon.

1 piece - €5.45

Depending on your relative level of wealth, and your coin-to-bill ratio, you could actually fit "shit tons of money" in this handily designed coin purse.

1 piece - €5.45

The brass collapsible coffee dripper makes you into a classy ass grown-up, with coffee on the go and a nice cup of black gold available wherever you are.

1 piece - €13.40

The Dashboard Cat Buddha, keeps you safe on journeys, with his meditative glowy gaze.

1 piece - €10.70

A classic the Dashboard Hula Girl, she does her thing while you drive towards an ocean holiday, swinging her hips and blowing you a kiss.

1 piece - €10.70

Got a jabbering colleague? An annoying little brother? A snoring husband? Then the I Can't Hear You Ear Plugs are just for you.

1 pair - €5.60