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Whether he's your Dad, son, brother, lover or your best mate some time along the way you're going to have to find him an unusual gift. We have got you covered.
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The All Seeing Dashboard Eyeball, wears a magic tasseled fez, he keeps your car safe on long journeys, he wiggles while you drive.

1 piece - €10.70

The Kikkerland Backpack Folding Stool is perfect for a summer spent in the park. Snacks and beers in the pocket, put it on your back and you are all ready…

1 piece - €19.40

Mmmm bacon, salty, salty goodness. The Bacon Strip Bandages fix your wounds in no time, with the healing power of bacon.

1 piece - €8.85

This product is out of stock.

A total contridiction of a cushion. A cactus that is soft and you want to put your head on, no really.

1 piece - €17.50

Go fish! With the Cats 3D Playing Cards you may not be able to concentrate, because the cats are so silly and adorable.

1 set - €9.70

This product is out of stock.

Follow the lead of these mice, use your coins for a beer run!

1 piece - €5.45

This product is out of stock.

The brass collapsible coffee dripper makes you into a classy ass grown-up, with coffee on the go and a nice cup of black gold available wherever you are.

1 piece - €13.40

The Dashboard Cat Buddha, keeps you safe on journeys, with his meditative glowy gaze.

1 piece - €10.70

A classic the Dashboard Hula Girl, she does her thing while you drive towards an ocean holiday, swinging her hips and blowing you a kiss.

1 piece - €10.70

Got a jabbering colleague? An annoying little brother? A snoring husband? Then the I Can't Hear You Ear Plugs are just for you.

1 pair - €5.60

It's an Emergency! You have to go to a black tie dinner right now! Better have your Emergency Bowtie stashed in the glovebox of your car just incase.

1 piece - €10.00

All the noise without the smell! Make your own fart parade. Celebrating the diversity of bottom burps, the Fart Parade Sound Machine has an array of fart sounds at the…

1 piece - €8.70

The Handy Edison Pull Light, is going to make your life so much brighter. It hangs in any space in need of light with no power outlet needed.

1 piece - €14.50

Hot Diggity Dog! Float about on your giant hot dog, like in a strange out of proportion comic book dream.

1 piece - €34.50

All the fun without the calories. The Hot Dog Stapler makes me crave hot dogs and I'm a vegetarian.

1 piece - €9.50

Keep the sun off your neck or keep your beers and tequila icy cold in it. It's an Inflatable Sombrero, just in time for a summer spent at the beach.

1 piece - €22.00

You don't have to be a dad to wear these socks, or even a maker of jokes. You could…

1 pair - €12.70

Your boss doesn't need to know, your mom doesn't need to know, your girlfriend doesn't need to know. But let's face it, your girlfriend does know. She knows everything.

1 pair - €12.70
1 Pair - €12.70

Remember when you had to blow into the Nintendo, and then the cartridge, every time you wanted to play Mario Brothers?

1 pair - €12.70